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Hailing from Vancouver BC, Martian Moon is a bass music artist recognized for his vast range of musical styles and influences. Taking inspiration from all different forms of music, from metal to hip-hop to classical music and everything in between, he brings something new and exciting to every track and performance.

His musical journey began at the age of 10, learning to play the guitar. After writing original metal compositions throughout the better part of a decade, Martian Moon discovered the world of electronic music in 2009 at the age of 17. Immediately falling in love with this new world and the diverse range of genres within it, he began his electronic music production journey.

After exploring for many years to find, shape, and develop his sound, Martian Moon made his debut in 2017 with his 4 track EP “Arrival”, showcasing his melodic approach to modern bass music. In 2018, he launched onto the wave music scene, releasing a guest mix for Vibe.Digital’s renowned radio show, as well as 2 original wave tracks. He continues to push the borders and boundaries between genres with his unique productions & multi-genre DJ sets.
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